Annie and The Beekeepers and Keegan Dewitt at Union Hall

Last Friday after seeing In the Loop at BAM (it was hilarious, full of snide one-liners) P and I walked down to Union Hall to see Annie and the Beekeepers and Keegan Dewitt perform (and to eat mini-burgers). We went mostly on a whim so Annie’s voice took me entirely by surprise. It has the sort of deep smooth sound you don’t often hear from such a young performer and it made me nostalgic for the great female singers I grew up with (Joni Mitchell, Natalie Merchant, Sarah Mclachlan, etc.). Their bluegrass/folk sound is enriched by their truly excellent musical skills. They met at Berklee College of Music and all three are a credit to the institution. I hesitated between buying their first recording, Annie Lynch and the Bee Keepers or their more recent one, the Squid Hell Sessions EP, but was convinced by Ms. Alexandra Spalding to buy both (always have a beautiful woman selling things- works every time). Listening to their music at home I have been especially pleased with a number of the lyrics, like this line from their song Dirty Laundry:

We made a promise/a promise is worth nothing it’s but a word/and I’ve burned those words into the ground/like ashes to the dirt

Annie Lynch, Alexandra Spalding and Ken Woodward

Annie Lynch, Alexandra Spalding and Ken Woodward

The last act of the night was Keegan Dewitt. I’ll admit when he first started playing the piano I was thinking of heading upstairs for a game of bocce ball but once he started singing I was quite enamored. His voice is amazing and hearing it coupled with a sole instrument makes it stand out that much more. I picked up his CD Sadness to Relate but discovered when I tried to play it that it’s blank! (Anyone want to send me a replacement?) I was somewhat bummed out by this but I suppose I’ll just have to wait until he’s back in town to hear all that lovely crooning again.

Check them both out online and I’ll let you know if they play again in The Big Apple.

P.S. Keegan Dewitt’s manager promised to mail me another CD as soon as he read this post (thanks Robert!)