Brklyn Meatup Lacked Meat

Let me begin by saying I have great respect and affection for both The Bell House and Brooklyn Based; in fact I have very high expectations for events either of them are involved in throwing. That said, I was terribly disappointed by last night’s event; it was poorly planned, badly executed and hyped totally out of proportion with reality.

The most glaring issue to begin with was the ratio of women to men- I estimate 3:1. You simply cannot have a successful singles party with that ratio. I understand that to some degree this is out of the control of the organizers but I don’t think it would have been impossible to remedy. Your average club lets girls in for free as a way of helping to even things out; couldn’t they have allowed men in for free? Perhaps that trick would have cut into their revenues but it might also have made for a rewarding experience for attendees.

Speaking of cost, what exactly were we paying for? Music was provided by DJs, something you can get for free all over the city; there was open bar for only one hour (and who gets there at 7 anyway?); supposedly there were free massages though I never found them; and we all got name tags. For $10/adv, $15/door I have to say that is fairly outrageous.

For a singles party to function the atmosphere and activities should be geared towards people mingling and making connections. Taking pictures with Santa? Cute but not really going to form a connection (except between you and Santa). Raffle? Cool if you win but again, this doesn’t add to the mingling. Most upsetting on an atmospheric level was the absurd volume level; it is impossible to have any kind of conversation in a room too packed to move with music too loud to hear yourself think.

I certainly hope that the next Meatup incorporates some of this constructive criticism; I would love to give this another go.

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