Erotica Reading Tonight + Updated Restaurant Review

I’ll be off to lunch shortly and I’m hoping I’ll be able to stomach something… last night shortly after posting my cheerful review of Merchants NY Cafe I was struck by a nasty bout of food poisoning. I checked with A and she was fine so I assume it was the scallops. Ugh… totally unattractive puking up of guts. I suspect it will be some time before I eat seafood again. I’m going to call the restaurant later and let them know, as politely as possible, so that they’ll be more careful where they buy seafood in the future. I actually hesitated to post about it because I truly believe it was a fluke thing and that the restaurant is solid in general. Sigh… Well, whether you try it or not be aware that these things can happen in the best of places. I mean the review in NY Magazine was great so I wasn’t the only one to feel like it was worth trying.

On a much happier note, I forgot to mention that there is yet another event you should consider for this evening! The ‘In the Flesh Erotic Reading Series’ is taking place at Happy Endings tonight. “Sex guru Susie Bright” and her team of contributing writers will be reading stories of

gas-station hookups, Baltimore prosties and tennis matches where lob has a whole other meaning.

If that’s not enough of a reason to head downtown don’t forget that Happy Endings has some amazing specialty cocktails.

If that association isn’t erotic enough for you I don’t know what is!

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