July 18-23 Additions!

I’ve come across two more events for tonight that I have to add to my previous list– the Ruby Streak Trapeze Studio and Velveteen Rainbow Grand Opening Party! You may recall I have a thing for trapeze, having tried it out myself on one occasion. The festivities will include aerial performances (of course), comedy, live music and dancing. It’s also a great time to check out the space if you’re considering taking lessons in the future!

Aerial Performer at Ruby Streak Trapeze Studio

Aerial Performer at Ruby Streak Trapeze Studio

Also tonight one of my DJs of choice, Jonathan Toubin, is turning Secret Project Robot into a ghetto Titanic for a night of luxury and mayhem- the New York Night Train is hitting Monster Island:

secret project robot night train

Finally, an advance notice for next Thursday- The Puppet Playlist is presenting a tribute to David Bowie at The Tank; think puppets singing Bowie songs, plus a lot of assorted experimental madness. This is likely to be a very weird show but good fun if you’re a Bowie fan; tickets are selling out so buy now!

Have a great weekend and stay tuned for more upcoming events (plus tales of some of my recent escapades)!