June 12-14 Only in New York baby!

If you thought my last post gave you too much to choose from please do not read further, your head might explode.

There are in fact THREE MORE GIANT festivals happening this weekend, and one more event that is so absurd I couldn’t possibly not mention it to you.

First, this weekend the city is your playground, and I do mean playground- Come Out & Play will be running a variety of crazy street games; you can sign up to participate or just stand around and gawk. Games include The Reds are Coming! (there are evil communists and codes involved), Alien Recon (!!), and Circle Rules Football (Kate1 and F are friends with the creator and tell me it’s awesome).

come out and play

If you’re a sore loser, or you don’t want to spoil it for everyone by winning all the time, head to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater for SketchFest NYC! 

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of SketchFest NYC, the festival is welcoming featured performers like Kevin McDonald (Kids in the Hall), and the Striking Viking Story Pirates, as well as returning favorites like Kristen Schaal and Summer of Tears. There are over thirty-four groups performing, hundreds of performers, surprisesgalore, and the whole thing caps off on Saturday at midnight with the Closing Night Craptacular, the sketch comedy party to end all parties.

The third festival, which I truly should have mentioned before, is the World Science Festival! The Battlestar Galatica event I mentioned in my last post is actually one of an enormous number of science-y events happening at various locations throughout the city. I’m particularly excited about the World Science Festival Street Fair in Washington Sq. Park; there will be all sorts of hands on things for kids (and for the kid in all of us).

Finally, one last addition- The Air Sex World Championships! You’ve heard of air guitar, this is a whole new level of make-believe. Check the site for videos of past competitions or go to the Highline Ballroom tonight to see it in person!

Be sure to read my earlier post for all the details on the Big Apple Barbecue, the Food Film Festival, Figment, the Bubble War in Times Square, and so on and so forth… Have an awesome weekend!