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1/28: A Concert for Everyone

There are three fantastic concerts taking place tonight, and I suspect everyone will find at least one of them appealing.

For something folksy and slow, with plenty of strumming and melancholy, go to The Living Room, where Dare Dukes will be singing about his current home town of Savannah, Georgia as well as our fine urban jungle. In this video Dare is playing with Savannah accordionist, Rose Lifschutz:

Also this evening, one of my favorite rock bands will be hitting the stage at Bowery Ballroom. Black Taxi always put on an excellent live show and they’re catchy numbers, like Pretty Mama, get the whole crowd moving. Watch it here then go out and see it live:

Finally, B is very excited to see Hooray for Earth at Union Hall. Watch this (rather odd but cool) music video and I’m sure you’ll see why:

I am saved from having to make a choice between these three concerts by a prior commitment- tickets to Turandot at the Metropolitan Opera. I hope you are able to make a choice! Enjoy!

June 2-8 Additions

In addition to the extensive list of events I’ve already given you for the next 7 days, there are a number of events that have recently come to my attention.

Tonight, and several other nights this week, Art Brut is playing at Mercury Lounge. Gothamist calls them “wildly entertaining,” which is probably why every show is currently listed as sold out. If you’re in the mood for a high energy concert exert your cunning and find a way through the door!

If you need to save up your cunning for other shenanigans you can still buy tickets for an awesome show at Le Poisson Rouge on Tuesday- Emilie Simon will satisfy your francophile needs and get you dancing into the bargain!

Emilie Simon

Emilie Simon

On Wednesday Clubbed Thumb will be celebrating the start of Summerworks 2009 with a grand (free!) party entitled O*H*I*O! featuring Susan Bernfield, David Herskovits, Melanie Joseph, Robert Lyons, Kristin Marting.

Clubbed Thumb commissions, develops and produces funny, strange, and provocative new plays by living American writers. Since its founding in 1996, the company has earned 4 OBIES and presented plays in every form of development, including over 70 full productions. Clubbed Thumb is an incubator for artists and their work, staging plays to critical acclaim while supporting an ever-growing creative community.

If you can’t make the shindig on Wednesday be sure to check out the first Summerworks play- punkplay by Gregory Moss, running from June 7-13 at the Ohio Theatre.

On Friday there’s an even more questionable production opening at P.S.122; the Amoralists Theater Company is presenting The Pied Pipers of the Lower East Side. The plot summary is as follows:

An extraordinary gathering of young idealists live as a modern day urban tribe above a vegan restaurant in NYC. Billy, Dawn, Dear and Wyatt are an extended sexual family battling their fears and addictions in order to live their utopian dream.

I believe that is the most hipster thing I have heard all week! It sounds absurd and marvelous- enjoy!


For more cutting edge hipster fun this weekend take a stroll through Bushwick; the Bushwick Open Studios event gives you access to hundreds of artists’ garrets as well as a chance to experience all sorts of performance art! Some of the hot spots are venues I’ve mentioned in the past, such as 3rd Ward and Goodbye Blue Monday. There will be art for sale and munchies up for grabs, (both details conveniently marked on the maps), so you can add some pizazz to your apartment and be a freegan for the day!

On Friday Black Taxi is playing at the Bowery Ballroom. G and I have recently become huge fans of theirs (I’ve mentioned them before) and if you just see one concert this week this would be my pick.

Black Taxi

Black Taxi

On Monday, while I am recovering from the trauma of the LSAT, you can enjoy Mike Daisey’s newest bit of madness- Mysteries of the Unexplained- BACON! at Joe’s Pub:

Mike Daisey returns to Joe’s Pub with a one-night orgy of all things bacon: from sizzling fat to swine flu, from baco-bits to Hasids to Charlotte’s. In one delicious hour we’ll explore bacon in all its filthy, gorgeous deliciousness.

Have a great week/weekend and I will be back and better than ever as of next Tuesday!

March 31 – April 2 Additions PLUS April 3-4 Early Announcements

There are two concerts this week that I’d like to bring to your attention; they’re not sold out as of this morning but you should grab tickets soon if you want to see these musicians fresh out of SXSW.

On Thursday Asobi Seksu plays at the Bowery Ballroom. Check out the video from her single “Thursday”:

Friday night you can catch Langhorne Slim at The Bell House.

Langhorn Slim

Langhorn Slim

If you want something a bit… dorkier go to the Bell House on Wednesday for Union Hall’s Secret Science Club.

Mars expert JAMES HEAD recently spent his “holidays” in Antarctica, studying the bone-chilling landscape for clues that might help explain the mysterious Martian terrain. Dr. Head asks: Could frigid water below the surface of Mars contain evidence of life? What’s the latest news from recent Mars missions such as the Mars Express and Phoenix?

Professor of Geological Sciences in the Planetary Geosciences Group at Brown University, Dr. James Head spent his early career at NASA, training Apollo astronauts and planning lunar landing sites. As a geological explorer, he has traveled around the world (and to the bottom of the ocean in deep-sea submersibles) to study volcanism and tectonism. He is the author of more than 300 scientific papers on topics ranging from gullies and glaciation on Mars to Venusian impact craters. Currently, he is a co-investigator for the European Space Agency’s Mars Express Mission, the NASA MESSENGER mission to Mercury and the NASA Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3).

Before & After
**Groove to spaced-out tunes and video
**Blast off with the Secret Science Club’s quantum cocktail of the night, the “Mars Express”
**Stick around for the out-of-this-world Q&A and music from PHANTOGRAM and BIG BANG TV!!

If you’re more interested in the past than the future get a history lesson on sex in NYC on Thursday at the Tenement Museum where Kat Long will be discussing her book “Forbidden Apple: A Century of Sex and Sin in New York City.” I just picked it up yesterday and it’s full of details about brothels during Prohibition and street walkers in pre-Guiliani Times Square. History has never been this steamy!

This Saturday is the 1st Saturday in April, which means it’s First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum! This month the events include swing music by The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn, tours of the Herman Bas exhibit and numerous other concerts and lectures.

Herman Bas "The Blue Line"

Herman Bas "The Blue Line"

Best of all First Saturdays are totally and completely FREE!

Stay tuned for more events!

Feb. 27-29 What to do?

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’re as excited as I am that it’s 55 degrees this afternoon! Enjoy it because I hear the weekend is going to be wet and cold.

Tonight check out New York Rockmarket’s recommended showBlitzen Trapper, Plants and Animals, and Alela Diane at Bowery Ballroom.

Blitzen Trapper

Blitzen Trapper

If you’re in the mood for more old-school hi-jinks this evening the City Reliquary Museum and Civic Organization is having a ‘Modern-Day Depression Era Benefit‘ complete with Depression-era movies (ie. The Marx Bros), a DIY fingerless gloves station, landlords to throw pies at (?!)  and of course Harlem Jazz.

Throw a pie in the landlord's face!

Throw a pie in the landlord's face!

 Saturday afternoon check out the pop-up market ‘Funky Child‘ at Alphabeta. There will be music and artwork spanning the range from awesome to really really weird. Enjoy the madness!

Funky Child Poster

Funky Child Poster

Saturday evening if you’ve never spent an evening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art you should go this weekend. There’s something magical about being in the Great Hall after the sun has set, with music being played on the balcony and the tourists mostly gone. For an added bonus Saturday evening check out the free Gallery Talk on the Egyptian version of the good life:

The Good Life in Ancient Egypt
Egyptian art, a testament to the good (proper) life lived by the tomb owner, depicts his or her desire for a good (pleasurable) life after death. Discover how diverse representations of good lives evolved with the changing mindset of Egyptians.
Marissa Schlesinger
Free with Museum admission
7:00 p.m., Gallery Talk Stanchion, Great Hall

Saturday night enjoy the nu-jazz sound of the lovely young musician Monet for free at BAM.

Deep soul and nu-jazz take flight on flute in the breezy sound of multi-instrumentalist Monet, performing tracks from her critically-acclaimed debut album Essence and her upcoming release Awakening.



Sunday is the last day to register for next week’s ‘Swamp Cabbage Wild Game Tasting Fundraiser,’ which you really won’t want to miss. ‘Swamp Cabbage, a Dark and Sweaty Documentary’ directed by Hayley Downs and Julie Kahn gives us a unique look at Florida Cracker culture. It involves coleslaw wrestling, among other things. You have to see it, just go.

Swamp Cabbage Fundraiser Poster

Swamp Cabbage Fundraiser Poster

But to get back to this Sunday… If you haven’t been to the KGB Bar for their Sunday Night Fiction series this is a good night to go; Daphne Uviller and Eric Kraft will be reading from their respective novels while you sip on Russian beer.

Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to let me know if you have events to add or events for next week that I should post!


This week is a bit over scheduled even by my standards. The only day I gave myself off was Monday and at this point I feel like I’m sleep walking through work. Tuesday I saw InGenius Series C at Manhattan Theatre Source, which was a lot of fun. I hadn’t been to that venue before and I felt that they made use of their limited space very well. This series of shows are all new one-acts. The four we saw were:

  • December by Pam Yaco, directed by Carly Hirschberg
  • Presumptuous by Paul Jordan, directed by Gabriella Willenz
  • Unprimed by John McKinney, directed by Jessica McVea
  • What We Planned For by Jen Thatcher, directed by Angela Astie

I felt like all of the acting was fantastic and they were generally well written. I wasn’t a big fan of Presumptuous simply because I don’t generally find social awkwardness amusing. I’m not interested in a lot of what passes for comedy; those of you who are big fans of ’40-year-old Virgin’ and the like will have to forgive me for my distaste. I did really enjoy Unprimed; it was witty and an interesting representation of a relationship. The couple related to each other exclusively through really vicious arguments, which they enjoyed tremendously. I’ll admit that I’m more attracted to men who can take me verbally as well as physically so I definitely connected with their exchange. I believe that a relationship is shallow without a few really spicy arguments now and then; conflict is essential.

My friends and I had dinner at La Lanterna di Vittorio after the show. Their pizza is good but it’s really the space that makes it worth going to; the glass-enclosed garden in back is airy and fanciful. Plus the waiter was adorable and the jazz music issuing from the downstairs was splendid.

Wednesday I finally managed to get a reservation at Kuma Inn (the last time I just walked in there was an hour wait) and enjoyed some of the most unique Asian food I’ve had in the city. Not all the dishes were a big hit and some of them were so small that even for tapas they seemed absurdly sized, but there were a few really fantastic dishes. My friend and I particularly liked the mussels in kaffir lime coconut curry. I’m actually not a fan of coconut but in this sauce it wasn’t discernible. I usually have mussels in French restaurants, in white wine sauce, and this was a totally different experience. The sauce didn’t cover up the flavor of the mussels but contrasted with them and softened them. The turon crispy pan-fried plantains were an amazing choice for dessert- sweet and soft encased in a crunchy shell. Actually we were greedy and also ordered the ice cream of the day, chocolate chili, which was really fun as well. I’m fairly certain it was actually a brand that you can buy at WholeFoods but I can’t seem to remember the name. I’ll have to look for it the next time I’m there. It starts off tasting like chocolate ice cream but has this super spicy aftertaste that really surprises you.

Following dinner I met another friend at the Bowery Ballroom to see Passion Pit in concert.

Passion Pit at the Bowery Ballroom

Passion Pit at the Bowery Ballroom

I’m not really a fan of any one genre of music. I listen to extremely random things and I like to think I keep an open mind about any new music that comes my way. Last week I downloaded the entire soundtrack to The Labyrinth (David Bowie is fantastic), immediately followed by ‘Nasty Girl’ and ‘Juicy’ by The Notorious B.I.G. Since I’m not a real “fan” of any one band or singer I don’t go to concerts for the sake of being close to musicians I have strong feelings about. Instead I generally go to expose myself to new music that my friends like, or to support friends who are musicians. The friend I was seeing this show with is a DJ and it’s always fun to go to shows with him because he has a truly encyclopedic knowledge of certain genres. I hadn’t heard Passion Pit’s music in advance and I think that allowed me to enjoy all of the songs, rather than get stuck on which ones I was familiar with.

Of course it would have been more fun if there hadn’t been this asshole in front of us. This guy was waving his arms everywhere, which I suppose was meant to aproximate “dancing,” and bumping into people and generally taking up more than his fair share of space. He was clearly convinced that he was the only person in the room. Why is it that it’s so hard for some people to behave themselves at a concert? As soon as they’re in this sort of setting they forget to pay attention to the people around them. I just wanted my own little bubble of space, why is that so difficult to understand? I don’t want your elbows in my face. Ugh.

Well, at any rate, I bought their CD and I expect ‘Sleepyhead’ will be a perfect contrast to ‘Juicy’ in my Subway playlist.

Last night I went with a few girlfriends to see ‘Ride’ at 59E59. It’s a new play, going on for a few more days, written by Jane Bodie and directed by Nick Flint. The two characters wake up in bed together with no memory of the night before. Going into it I wasn’t sure quite what to expect; it falls into the realm of what I call ‘Questionable Theatre.’ I define this as anything that toes the line between awesome and atrocious. This particular piece turned out to be awesome- well written, sometimes comical but with moments of sincerity that made you identify with the characters. I walked away from it feeling slightly more optimistic about people and their ability to form connections with one another.