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The Tonys of Burlesque- The Golden Pasties

The burlesque community gathered in all their splendor at the 7th Annual Golden Pasties Awards; the audience was decked out in glitter and sequins and giant fake eyelashes and more hair spray than I have ever before seen in use at one time (and I’ve been to the south). If the Oscars were half as entertaining as The Golden Pasties they would have more viewers than the Superbowl.

Highlights included Miss Astrid as the most caustic announcer you can imagine, especially when interacting with timid Scott Rayow.

Miss Astrid and Scott Rayaw

Miss Astrid and Scott Rayow

Dulce de Leche’s performance, set to the song Tainted Love, was positively delicious. The presenting of awards seemed a bit secondary, though that may have had more to do with Miss Astrid’s intense scorn (all part of the act I’m sure). Some of the awards were more, ahem, colorful than those distributed at your average award show. I was particularly a fan of “Most likely to end up in Bangkok missing their liver.” Now that is one hell of a distinction.

One of the most beautiful acts was a truly ethereal piece performed by Miss Orchid Mei.

Miss Orchid Mei

Miss Orchid Mei

Legs Malone had one of the most creative acts; she danced to Smoke Gets in Your Eyes… with a giant match. Props for props!

Speaking of props, The Love Show put on an adorable show with paper umbrellas set to It’s Raining Men. It was particularly fun to have Miss Astrid glowering from the back of the stage during the large ensemble pieces.

The Love Show

The Love Show

Finally, Chata must be given credit for making limbo sexy in a way it has never been before! Look for these performers and all the others from The New York Burlesque Festival at their regular gigs around the city! I’ll send you more info on my favorite shows soon or you can search the site to read about shows I’ve seen in the past.