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A Whole New Month!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, or checking my tweets in the sidebar, you already know that Prelude starts tonight and that the New York Film Festival is ongoing! More about those in a moment, first, a few more events worth your consideration…

Tonight one of my favorite fellow bloggers has helped to organize a benefit concert at Glasslands. The organization receiving the benefit is called Young Invincibles; they’re an “organization that was created in order to raise awareness about health care reform amongst young people.” Best of all The Woes, who I’ve raved to you about in the past, are one of the acts! If all the hoopla about healthcare reform has made you itch to make a difference but activism is not quite your forte this is the perfect way to spend your evening! Go out and rock out to great music for a cause!

Also tonight Dare Dukes will be crooning his sexy urban folk songs at Banjo Jims; he’s been on tour so get out and welcome him back in style!

Starting tomorrow the 7th Annual New York Burlesque Festival will be making the Big Apple too hot to handle! My favorite performer, Gigi La Femme, will be hitting the stage and if all the shows aren’t enough the festival will wrap up with the award show to end all award shows- The Golden Pasties!


For some short and sweet erotica (in this case it’s ok to be fast) head to Happy Endings for the shorts installment of the In the Flesh Erotica Reading Series.

To return to Prelude… Let me just say that all of the programs are questionable in exactly the right way- ambitious and sincere but possibly over-the-top. I am particularly drawn to ‘Arts in Conversation: Digital,’ which is taking place on Thursday:

From prestidigitation to wall-sized projections, from sleight-of-hand to mediated environments, artists have used the digital arts – in both senses of the word – to amaze audiences, heighten and transform our perception. Whether the illusion is created by video, computer, or by hand the notion of “the digital” remains central to many artists’ presentational aesthetics. Join us in a conversation on the uses of the digital in building imaginative space and informing performance practice.

On Sunday you can plan ahead and buy your perfect and unique holiday gifts at the Astoria Autumn Fest!


As far as the New York Film Festival goes, I would check out this assessment from Indie Wire, and this piece in the New York Times for an idea of what to see.

Stay tuned for news of even more upcoming events including a rooftop screening of Firefly, the Lamb Takedown (competitive eating just keeps on expanding), some amazing aerial moves at my favorite Trapeze School and short films with a live score!

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Two Phenomenal Women (Tina & Susie)

Despite that whole food poisoning thing I dragged myself to Tina Thompson’s Ultimate Conditioning class at Crunch last night. You may have taken aerobics classes before but until you’ve taken a class with Tina you’ve never truly challenged yourself in a class setting. The woman is a force of nature. She has her own fitness videos, fitness shoe and crazy boot camp in Florida. She pushes her class until you’re floating so high on endorphins you can almost ignore the pain. One class is usually enough to convert any newcomer to the cult of Tina. I dropped an entire dress size in 2 months last year when I started her pilates class. She’s also without a doubt the most irreverent and hilarious teacher you’ll ever have. I remember her advising us at one point to make sure to pack our husbands’/boyfriends’ gym clothes so that we could be certain he was dressed poorly at the gym, (“You don’t want him to look good when you’re not there, I never want to hear ‘I met her at the gym baby.’ Oh no you didn’t! Put him in those purple sweats with the holes, she won’t even look at him. That’s right ladies, you know what I’m saying.”). Most importantly Tina truly cares about her students; she remembers me and pushes me to surpass what she’s seen me do in the past, (“I know you can do better than that! What are you doing with those little weights? I’ll get you some weights.”). This is Tina:

Tina Thompson at the National Ms. Fitness Competition

Tina Thompson at the National Ms. Fitness Competition

Exhausted but proud of myself I stumbled down to Happy Endings to meet P and K for the ‘In the Flesh Erotic Reading Series.’ It was very exciting to see Susie Bright in person.

Susie Bright at Happy Endings

Susie Bright at Happy Endings

Susie Bright is to erotica as Michael T is to parties. She’s been in the business since the era of angry feminists who believed dildos represented the patriarchy. Ooops… they still exist. Well, anyway, in NY at least we’ve embraced the erotica scene and these writers have added extra flavor to our fine city. I believe there were 10 readers whose stories are in Susie’s latest collection. We heard stories of anal sex and Fox News, sex during an erotica reading, elaborate fantasies and Santa Claus. It was an excellent evening and I intend to follow these authors more closely in the future.

Feeling lusty and famished the three of us headed uptown to the late-night restaurant ‘Redhead.’ It’s fairly new and I highly recommend you check it out. They serve a sort of NY version of Southern Comfort Food including lust worthy buttermilk fried chicken and creamy mashed potatoes.

There’s lots going on this weekend and I’ll be posting a complete guide later today!