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The Tonys of Burlesque- The Golden Pasties

The burlesque community gathered in all their splendor at the 7th Annual Golden Pasties Awards; the audience was decked out in glitter and sequins and giant fake eyelashes and more hair spray than I have ever before seen in use at one time (and I’ve been to the south). If the Oscars were half as entertaining as The Golden Pasties they would have more viewers than the Superbowl.

Highlights included Miss Astrid as the most caustic announcer you can imagine, especially when interacting with timid Scott Rayow.

Miss Astrid and Scott Rayaw

Miss Astrid and Scott Rayow

Dulce de Leche’s performance, set to the song Tainted Love, was positively delicious. The presenting of awards seemed a bit secondary, though that may have had more to do with Miss Astrid’s intense scorn (all part of the act I’m sure). Some of the awards were more, ahem, colorful than those distributed at your average award show. I was particularly a fan of “Most likely to end up in Bangkok missing their liver.” Now that is one hell of a distinction.

One of the most beautiful acts was a truly ethereal piece performed by Miss Orchid Mei.

Miss Orchid Mei

Miss Orchid Mei

Legs Malone had one of the most creative acts; she danced to Smoke Gets in Your Eyes… with a giant match. Props for props!

Speaking of props, The Love Show put on an adorable show with paper umbrellas set to It’s Raining Men. It was particularly fun to have Miss Astrid glowering from the back of the stage during the large ensemble pieces.

The Love Show

The Love Show

Finally, Chata must be given credit for making limbo sexy in a way it has never been before! Look for these performers and all the others from The New York Burlesque Festival at their regular gigs around the city! I’ll send you more info on my favorite shows soon or you can search the site to read about shows I’ve seen in the past.

June 30 – July 2

This is my last week of traditional employment so I’ve been a tad busy tying up loose ends; next week you can expect to see more timely posts.

Tonight there are a couple of awesome events to consider if you haven’t made plans for the evening. At Santos Party House you can experience truly multidisciplinary art. Narcissister, a burlesque performer/artist will be running the show, which will also include music from Andrew W.K. and some crazy artwork by the NYTimes-lauded video artist Kalup Linzy. Be prepared to be dazzled.

Also tonight, for a more pampering experience you can head up to Yonkers where the owners of 66Main are hosting an open house extraordinaire– complete with free massages, cocktails, deluxe hand-rolled cigar sampling and free accessories. You may not actually be able to afford the apartments but you can certainly enjoy the shwag.

Tomorrow there will be a fantastic opening party at The City Reliquary; Indigenous includes works from Dixie Appel, Laila Caron, Ming Lin, Victor Kerlow, Anny Oberlink, Anna Pelavin, Maggie Prendergast, Betty Roytburd, Samantha Silverman, Alex Tatarsky, and more.

This exhibition seeks to commemorate the many places that have come and gone, all of which have contributed to a colorful New York City upbringing. This multimedia installation will include works on paper, film, literature, and assorted ephemera, providing a unique perspective which will complement the already vast collection currently housed in the Reliquary. By recognizing places which have played a formative role, through image and memory, Indigenous – A Group Show hopes to inspire visitors to remember those things which have made their New York experience worthwhile. Visitors are invited to record their stories and add to a growing archive of memories.

Also on Wednesday you can try to out-dance the burlesque dancers at The Bowery Electric; the Burlesque Dance Party is an all out participatory burlesque extravaganza:

Featuring the bombastic talents of Amber Ray and Boo Boo Darlin with gorgeous go-go and hosted by the Ladies of the Shack, Miss RunAround Sue and Legs Malone. DJ Jess is on the decks spinning those toe tappin’ beats made all the more fluid by our fabulous FREE SHOTS throughout the night courtesy of North 44 Vodka. Pop Pistol’s on the door – takin your hearts and your cash. The go-go contest and makeout minute are only two more reasons to hustle on down – and bring your friends, your lovers – and everyone in between!

On Thursday Swedish artist Anders Holst will be playing “selections from his recent release, Romantika, his previous EP, Five, as well as smooth and jazzy interpretations of some classic romantic tunes” at Feinstein’s at Loews Regency. Pick up your tickets here.



Have a good week and stay tuned for additions and tales of my recent shenanigans!