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Get Wild, Eat Dumplings and Watch Puppets Get Personal

I hope everyone had an excellent Columbus Day weekend! G and I went apple picking in NH and the leaves were simply glorious; the apple pie I made was even more so! I almost stole the leftovers and brought them home with me but I figured I’m going home to the best city on earth, I should at least let him have pie. There are lots of awesome things happening in The Big Apple this week!

On a wet day like today the best thing is hot soup with good company but perhaps an even better way to warm up is hot soup dumplings with other dumpling aficionados! Tonight is the October Dumpling Crawl:

This after-work exploration lets you have your dumplings and eat them, too! Join us for an autumnal stroll through Chinatown to learn more about the history of the dumpling as we visit 5 or 6 shops in a ten-block radius. You’ll meet fellow dumpling aficionados while you sup on xiao long bao (soup dumplings), crescent-shaped jiaozi, pan-fried potstickers, and other specialties for $2 or less.

If you have some connections you might be able to weasel your way into the New York Premier of Where the Wild Things Are tonight; if not check out some of the other events that are part of Wild Things Week.

wild things

If that’s not wild enough for you there’s some truly absurd questionable theater to consider; My Life in a Nutshell- Hanne Tierney involves “Barely clothed life-size marionettes made of burlap manipulated through a counterweight system of approximately 80 strings in a witty narrative of ménages a trois.” Enough said.

On Thursday Comedy Below Canal at 92Y Tribeca is being hosted by Wyatt Cenac; the show will bring together excellent comedians and musicians (John Oliver, Che Grand) for fabulous fusion entertainment.

Also on Thursday Langhorne Slim is rocking out at the Bell House! Buy your tickets now because in my experience he plays one hell of a live show.

Stay tuned for more upcoming events and as always, follow me on Twitter for the latest from The Big Red Apple!

Feb. 28 Additions

Just discovered a few more events to add to tomorrow’s (Saturday’s) roster:

Wit’s End Premier Party is the first of what will be a monthly event at Antik; this celebration of all things Jazz Age is sure to be a great addition to the vintage scene. Wear your best party attire and sip fancy cocktails in between dancing the Charleston and the Jitterbug. Grandpa Musselman & His Syncopators will play live jazz and Shien Lee from Dances of Vice will sing.

Jazz Age

Jazz Age

Leading up to the actual celebration of Purim, the Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre will perform its “The Historye of Queen Esther, of King Ahasverus & of the Haughty Haman”until March 7 at The Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater of the West Side Y.

In this production of Queen Ester, downtown meets folk tradition. High and low, live performers and puppets of disparate sizes are blended for a startling comical and touching effect. The cast of puppets includes marionettes designed and constructed by Prague master carver Jakub Krejci, two marionettes composed from household and carpentry tools by Michelle Beshaw and Emily Wilson, and giant paper mache puppets made by CAMT’s Associate Director Theresa Linnihan.

The Historye of Queen Esther, of King Ahasverus & of the Haughty Haman

The Historye of Queen Esther, of King Ahasverus & of the Haughty Haman

Haman puppet by Vaclav Krcal.

Haman puppet by Vaclav Krcal.

Have a great weekend!