The Great Marshmallow War, Burlesque and Indie Films

I’m running off to meet my grandmother so I’m just throwing up a few things on my way out; stay tuned later for news of The Dumpling Festival, P.S.1’s Fall Openings, the Jaguar Club and other excitement this weekend.

Saturday you can engage in warfare of a new and different variety- The Marshmallow Civil War will tear this city apart! How Newmindspace comes up with this madness I do not know but you should prepare your weapon and check the facebook page for the exact location later today!


This weekend is the New York Independent Film and Video Festival; it is meant to be an unpretentious version of some of the bigger festivals in town. There are lots of choices so you’re sure to find that perfect unknown film to impress your hipster date.

Meanwhile, at The House of Yes, Silky Sirens Burlesque will rock your world:

A singing burlesque company that was started on the brink of a Depression. A show that is full of humor, beauty, sex, tease and tons of pasties of all sorts. Hosted by the hilarious Doctor Phil.

Ok, that’s all for the moment; I’ll be back later with more! Also be sure to follow me on twitter, or check the sidebar, for spur-of-the-moment updates!

3 thoughts on “The Great Marshmallow War, Burlesque and Indie Films

  1. Kevin B

    Hey thanks for posting this! Just to be clear, the marshmallow battle is TOMORROW, Saturday Oct 24th, not today!

    We are just announcing the location today

  2. thebigredapple Post author

    Thank you so much for correcting that! I’ll edit the post to reflect the correct time! Also thank you for reading The Big Red Apple!

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