What to do Friday night; 2/6

There are some set plans for tonight but others are more nebulous and I look forward to seeing where the trail of shenanigans will end.

First I’m having dinner with a friend at Satsko, which I haven’t been to before; it has good reviews and you can make a reservation through Open Table. Can I just add that Open Table is a marvelous thing? I hate trying to deal with snooty hosts who frequently cannot get your name and number straight and often manage to get the time completely wrong as well.

After dinner I’ve pulled together a group of people to see The Hot Box Burlesque at The Slipper Room. I happen to be a huge fan of burlesque and I’m hoping this will turn out to be a good example of the genre, particularly as I’m bringing along at least one person who is not very familiar with it.

The rest of the night is yet to be decided… there could be dancing at Kemia┬ábut in fact almost anything could happen. Let me know if you have thoughts and I’ll be sure to chronicle my adventures afterwards.