April 7 Additions

I’d like to add a couple of events I’ve just come across to my earlier post. Tonight at the Tenement Museum Stephen Wolf, editor of  I Speak of the City: Poems of New York, hosts a celebration of National Poetry Month; a group of writers and actors will read from classics by Whitman, Hughes, Ginsberg, and more.

“Poems about New York have their own restless rhythm and ever-changing style, much like the city itself. They capture the major moments and daily doings of New York, from immigrant experiences at Ellis Island to the rush and pull of Broadway.”

Also tonight the Bushwick Bookclub challenges local musicians to create and perform songs about James and the Giant Peach. Head out to Goodbye Blue Monday and have some pie with your Tuesday (unless you’re Jewish and celebrating Passover like me, in which case enjoy the music and pout over absurd traditions).

Bushwick Book Club

Bushwick Book Club

 Stay tuned for more additions!

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