May 15-17 Are you overwhelmed yet?

Are you overwhelmed by the possibilities for this weekend? No? Well, I have EVEN MORE to share with you!

Tonight is opening night for Rooftop Films! If you don’t know about them they are my favorite summer film series; they screen “new, original, independent films you won’t see anywhere else, in the company of your community, our community, and the New York City night. ” Tonight’s performance is at 350 Grand Street @ Essex- the Essex Street Academy. The roof has been decorated by the students with amazing graffiti art, which makes for the perfect backdrop to a program of short films, preceded by live music from Cymbals Eat Guitars.

Rooftop Films at the Essex Street Academy 2008

Rooftop Films at the Essex Street Academy 2008

On Saturday you can observe the spectacle of the biggest Dance Parade of the summer (don’t quote me on that but it’s pretty frickin big). Starting at 28th St. at 1pm the parade will “boogie down Broadway” ending at Tompkins Square Park.


Sunday you have two chances to see Enlighten UP! a documentary by filmmaker Kate Churchill that follows a yoga newbie as he searches for a transformative experience. As a yoga newbie myself I can attest to the difficulty of finding a niche within the yoga culture. The New York Times says the film “explores its subject with a light touch and welcome sense of humor.” Check out the trailer:

Have an excellent weekend and please read yesterday’s post and Tuesday’s post for other weekend events!

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    In my experience the specific instructor is what makes a class work for you; everyone wants a slightly different experience and you have to find the instructor who will give you the one you personally want.

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