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Aug. 6-9 Additions + 1 Early Announcement

If my last post was more than you could handle please don’t read further, you may be paralyzed by the number of events worth your time in the coming days…

Tonight whip up your best potluck offering (I like to make pies but casseroles are traditional) and head to Canoe Studios for the Slideluck Potshow– a potluck dinner where your dish is your ticket to a slideshow of original work by artists including (on this occasion) Christoph Niemann, Brian Ulrich, Claudio Papapietro and Edith Maybin. This is the 13th such event, which the New York Times has described as “own little niche in the art world, glazed with a hipster sheen.”

Tomorrow night catch Sexy Neighbors at Lit Lounge where their hot Afrobeat will be raising the roof.

On Sunday their are two great BBQs to add to this weekend’s menu. DJ Fucci will be spinning at Outpost’s Garden Party; there will be yummy food including do-it-yourself s’mores!

GBH’s version of the classic BBQ includes free corn on the cob and will be taking place rain or shine on the rooftop of Highbar!


On Tuesday Budos Band will provide the tunes for the last Hudson Sq. Backyard BBQ of the season. Get out and make the most of this delicious summer event.

Have a great weekend!